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Roofers on Siesta Key, FL

Florida Southern Roofing is proud to be your roofing specialist on Siesta Key, FL

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Roofers on Siesta Key

Does the Florida weather have your roof in need of some TLC? Florida Southern Roofing is a specialty roofing company providing services on Siesta Key and surrounding areas. We provide residential, commercial, and multi-family roof installation, roof repair, maintenance, and replacement.

A new roof should last about 20+ years, but when it’s time to replace it, you want experts on the job.  A new roof is a significant investment, and you want it done correctly. When you have questions, Florida Southern Roofing on Siesta Key is here to answer them.

Contact us today or call (941) 954-8811 for more information on our roofing services on Siesta Key, FL, or to schedule an appointment with one of our roofing specialists.

Types of Commercial and Residential Roofing

When it comes to roof replacement, we specialize in several different systems:

Shingle Roof

Shingles are one of the most popular choices for roofing material. A shingle roof will be easier on your budget than other types of materials while also complementing your home or business. Shingles also protect your structure well, even in the Siesta Key, FL, weather.

Metal Roof

Whether you’re looking to roof a residential or commercial property, metal is an excellent material choice. These systems can last many decades and are virtually leak-proof. The benefits of metal roofs include the following: 

  • Durability - Metal roofs can last a lifetime.
  • Weather-Resistant - Metal provides a solid barrier from intense storms and high winds.
  • Insurance savings - Metal lowers rates due to weather resistance.
  • Energy-efficient - This solid material reflects the hot Florida sunshine to keep your home cool.

Florida Southern Roofing on Siesta Key, FL, fabricate our own sheet metal and install quality roofing.

Tile Roof

Tile roofing is a standard system in Florida. Tile is considered a more attractive roofing material and also has its advantages. Besides being strong, you can design and match a tile roof with the architecture of your home. They are also fire resistant and will hold up to severe Florida weather. Tile roof maintenance basically requires cleaning only. Our roofing experts will come to you and help you choose the best color and style for your commercial or residential property. There are many options to fit your taste and budget!!

Flat Roof

Florida Southern Roofing on Siesta Key, FL, has decades of experience in flat commercial roof installation or residential homes. There are several different types of flat roofing.

  1. ThermoPlastic Polyolefin (TPO) - This single-ply roofing is flame-retardant and has UV absorbers.
  2. Modified Bitumen - MB consists of asphalt with added modifiers. The most common is two-ply; however, you can get MB with one or three-ply.  

No matter which type of roofing system you choose, our professional and knowledgeable contractors guarantee your satisfaction through the process and beyond. Check out our “What to Expect” page for step-by-step information. We promise there are never any surprises.   

Replacement or Repair

How does a home or business owner know whether they need a complete roof replacement or only a repair? Florida Southern Roofing is a team of experienced contractors that will diagnose any issue. We give you an honest consultation and opinion on whether you need a new roof or just a repair. If we can repair your roof and extend its life, we will.  

Gaps and Cracks in your roof allow for moisture, small wildlife, and insects to get into your home. Your heating and cooling will also be affected, causing a decrease in efficiency. Many repairs are inexpensive but extremely necessary to keep your family safe and prolong the life of your roof. 

We repair the following roofing issues:

  • Missing, misaligned, or damaged tiles and shingles
  • Roof leak repairs 
  • Rotting wood
  • Vents 
  • Valley replacement
  • Tree removal
  • Emergency tarp or boarding up
  • Punctures or tears
  • Blow-off
  • Nail pops
  • Other minor repairs

At some point, your roof will need some work. It’s best to address the issue early, or you could face bigger problems down the road. Florida Southern Roofing has the tools, experience, and know-how to fix most issues.  

We perform a 17-point inspection and will provide you with an up-front estimate. We service a wide area around Siesta Key, FL. 

What to Look for in a Roofing Service

When you need to find a roofing contractor, remember the following points:

  • A good reputation goes a long way
  • They should be fully licensed and insured
  • Price isn’t always the most important factor
  • Your contractor should be local

You might not get a wide selection of roofers to choose from when you search “roofers near me” on Google. The reason is that most roofing contractors do not like to perform repairs. However, roofing is what we specialize in and are happy to help. We are a three-generation, family-owned, and operated roofing company at your service. 

Give Florida Southern Roofing on Siesta Key a call today for a free, no-obligation consultation! We will work with your budget and insurance companies to get you the best price!