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Roofers in Lakewood Ranch, FL

Florida Southern Roofing is proud to be your roofing specialist in Lakewood Ranch, FL

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Roofers in Lakewood Ranch

Every home and commercial building in Lakewood Ranch, FL, needs a strong, secure roof. Florida’s weather is often iffy, which means your roof needs to be able to hold up under heavy rain, wind, humidity, and heat. To make your roof ready for the elements, you must have it professionally installed or replaced, repaired when damaged, and maintained throughout its life.

At Florida Southern Roofing, our team understands exactly what residential and commercial roofs in Florida need. We offer our customers in Lakewood Ranch, FL, several roofing services to keep their roofs at their strongest, securing homes and buildings from the weather, and more.

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Roof Repair

If a home or building owner notices or suspects a roofing issue, they need to contact a professional roofer as soon as possible. Expert roofers can conduct roof repair quickly, effectively, and above all, safely.

No one without roofing experience should ever risk their life or wellbeing attempting roof repair, maintenance, or anything else.

At Florida Southern Roofing, our team of roofers can safely provide several roof repair services in Lakewood Ranch, FL.

Our roof repair services in the area include the following:

  • Missing shingles and tiles
  • Damaged shingles tiles
  • Leaks
  • Vent repair or replacement
  • Rotting wood and fascia
  • Caulking
  • Nail pops
  • And more!

So many different issues can appear in, on, and underneath a roof. Our team can examine and repair nearly all of them, keeping your roof secure to protect your home effectively.

Roof Leak Repair

Unfortunately, roof leaks are among the most common issues our roofers encounter in Lakewood Ranch, FL. A leaking roof can cause all kinds of costly damage, so it is always best to contact a professional roofer as quickly as possible. Our roofers at Florida Southern Roofing can provide quick and effective roof leak repair, resorting to your roof’s strength and security.

Roof Installation & Replacement

Many home and building owners will hesitate when considering a new roof installation. However, roofs, like most other things, have a life expectancy. After around 20 years, the need for roof replacement is likely, especially in Florida. This is because roofs in the Sunshine State are exposed to so many harsh elements, from heat and humidity to intense wind and rain.

At Florida Southern Roofing, our team will never push a roof replacement if it is not necessary. However, after a thorough inspection of your roof, a member of our team will explain their concerns and make a recommendation based on what they find.

Residential & Commercial Roof Installation

Our team of roofers can provide roof installation services for both residential and commercial properties. We can install nearly any roof or roofing material, including metal, tile, shingle, and flat roofs.

The process begins with a scheduled inspection. A specialist from our team will inspect and measure your roof, answer any questions you may have, and provide a quote for your consideration. If approved, our roofers will get to work installing the new roof and will keep you informed of their progress as they go.

Roof Maintenance

Whether you have a newly installed roof or an older one, roof maintenance can provide numerous benefits. Keeping your roof at its best helps avoid costly damage and problems, often extends the life of your roof, and increases your home’s energy efficiency. Our roofers can provide these benefits through our routine roof maintenance service.

During roof maintenance, our roofers perform comprehensive inspections to ensure your roof is not damaged and remaining strong and secure.

While inspecting a roof, our team looks for the following issues:

  • Leaks
  • Sagging
  • Areas that have been previously repaired
  • Water spots
  • Rot
  • Moss, mold, or mildew growth
  • Missing or damaged shingles
  • Gaps or holes
  • Animal and insect infestations
  • Signs of wear and tear
  • Signs of poor installation (such as misaligned shingles)

If you find any of these issues, our roofers will address them. Often, this allows home and building owners to catch the minor problems before they develop into much larger, more costly situations.

Roofers Near Me? Florida Southern Roofing!

Roofs are one of the essential parts of a home. Maintaining and replacing these critical systems when necessary keeps you, your family, or your business safe and comfortable.

At Florida Southern Roofing, we are commercial and residential roofing experts. We can inspect, examine, repair, maintain, and replace nearly any kind of roof in the Lakewood Ranch, FL, area and beyond. With our professional roofing services, our customers always receive quick, quality roof work at competitive prices.

Contact us today for more information on our roofing services or to schedule service!